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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox

Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox

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It's always important to have the right tool for the right job, so if you plan on grilling up foods on the go, then bring along this cool new Portable BBQ Grill Toolbox from SUCK UK. This double-take-inducing BBQ quickly transforms from an easy-to-carry classic metal toolbox into a full-blown charcoal grill - no tools except grilling tools required. It's constructed from steel finished with super high-temperature red paint, unfolds to reveal an 8x15" grill, and has a warming rack, removable charcoal tray, adjustable vent, and storage tray. It makes the perfect gift for hungry carpenters, mechanics, contractors, plumbers, electricians, Father's Day, weekend warriors, or anyone who knows what a toolbox is and is ideal for backyard summer cookouts, picnics, camping, tailgating, road trips, the beach, job sites, and more. Best of all, it discreetly stores away right in plain sight in a garage or workshop. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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An eco-friendly fire-starting wand that not only helps get your grilled fired up quickly without needing toxic lighter fluid, it also can be used to add smoky flavor to foods afterwards.
3-Tier Cedar Plank Holder
Grilling salmon, vegetables, and other foods on cedar planks infuses moisture and a flavorful smoky flavor and this cool new 3-Tier Cedar Plank Holder lets you triple up the number of foods you can cook at the same time.
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Giant Utility Lighter - Almost 2 Foot Long!
This massive, fully functional utility lighter is almost 2 feet long and has a retractable metal shaft for compact storage.
Beehive Wood-Fire Pizza Oven
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Stainless Steel Marinade Spray Bottle
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Monogrammed BBQ Branding Iron
It's getting to be that time of the year again to start prepping the grill for the busy summer BBQ season. It's also time to make sure you have the proper grilling tools on hand. Spatula...check. Tongs...check. Fork...check. Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron? ... hmmm how could I be missing this essential tool? That's right, no proper grilling tool set is complete without a branding iron and no steak, burger or chop is complete without your initials burned right in as your personal seal of approval.
BBQ Grill-To-Go - Set of 3
Portable aluminum one-time-use grills preloaded with charcoal and ready for action!

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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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Portable Charcoal Grill Toolbox
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