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Turkish Terracotta Testi Pot - Slow Cook, Break, and Serve!

Turkish Terracotta Testi Pot - Slow Cook, Break, and Serve!

Turkish Terracotta Testi Pot - Slow Cook, Break, and Serve!

Want to liven up your next dinner party? Slow cook stews, kebabs, and other side dishes inside these cool Faik's Turkish Terracotta Testi Pots and then safely break the top off the pot at the table and serve up your now sure to be impressed guests. These unique handmade terracotta pots allow foods inside to cook slowly in their own flavorful juices since little to no moisture escapes the cooking process. Just fill them up, place on the grill or in the oven, tap along the score line to crack off the top with ease, and then serve. Since they are unglazed, water absorbs a bit into the walls of the pot which helps prevent burning and means very minimal oil is needed as well. After dinner, the pots can be repurposed as flower pots. Reusable Testi pots (not as fun!) and jumbo-sized Testi pots are also available. Check out the video below to see a similar Turkish Testi pot being opened.

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  • A safely breakable terracotta pot for unique slow cooking and serving style
  • Food inside the pot loses little to no moisture as is becomes surrounded with steam, creating a tender flavorful dish
  • Minimal oil needs to be added in the pot, dishes tend to contain less fat than comparable cooking methods
  • Unlike similar pottery cooking methods, such as tagine, these terracotta pots are unglazed, allowing water to be absorbed within the walls of the pot to prevent burning
  • Perfect for setting aside in your barbecue to slow cook a side dish, or to put in an oven for more convenience
  • As these pots drain relatively well they can also be used as flower pots
  • Safely breakable for serving!
  • Also Available: Reusable Pots - These pots are made from a stronger clay and have no score line - reuse them instead of breaking them during serving
  • Also Available: Jumbo Pots. These pots are more than twice the size of regular testi pots at 85 oz. (2.5 L)
  • Handmade from Terracotta
  • Due to the nature of the clay and worksmanship, each piece is unique
  • Sized for a single portion at 34 oz (1 L)

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