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Even Heating Copper Burner Plates

Even Heating Copper Burner Plates

Wish you had pricey professional copper cookware for efficient heat conduction and superior cooking results? Well, you don't need it when you can simply use these cool new Even Heating Copper Burner Plates instead. These copper plates are placed over the burners on your stove and help to evenly disperse the heat to flat bottom steel, cast iron, or aluminum cookware placed on top of them. Now you enjoy steady heat without the hot or cold spots and without the high costs. They make a great gift for any home chef or just for yourself and come in a set of four.


  • Set of 4 copper diffuser plates
  • Adds the superior cooking abilities of copper to any flat bottom steel, cast iron, or aluminum cookware
  • 2.6mm-thick, 8" square copper diffusers are placed over a stove burner and transfer even, steady heat to any pot or pan
  • Copper conducts heat 70% more efficiently than the aluminum inside most high-end cookware
  • Copper will develop a natural patina with shades of blue, red, and orange if left untreated or its original color can be restored with widely available metal cleaners
  • For use on gas or electric stoves with pots or pans up to 8" in diameter - Not for use with induction stoves
  • Size: 8" W x 8" L x 1" H - 2.5 lbs

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