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Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Box with Smoke Gun

Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Box with Smoke Gun

Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Box with Smoke Gun

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If you love that delicious smoky wood flavor on foods, then why not on your cocktails as well? Designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly, this cool new Crafthouse Smoking Box allows you to add complexity and depth to your favorite cocktails using actual wood smoke or even various types of dried herbs and spices. Just mix up a cocktail or maybe pour something straight up on the rocks, insert it into the dramatic glass and stainless steel smoke box, and use the included Polyscience smoking gun to pump in the wood smoke. It features pass-through doors, a rich black walnut interior base, and can also be used to add smoke flavor to foods as well. Perfect gift for any home bartender. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?


  • Smoking box reinvigorates your familiar cocktails with a complexity and depth using actual wood smoke
  • Includes Polyscience smoking gun, 2 small jars of smoking chips, and recipes
  • Double-sided "pass through" doors make for a dramatic, interactive cocktail experience
  • Experiment with various types of woods, dried herbs, and spices
  • Can also be used to smoke your favorite foods
  • Glass and stainless steel frame
  • Rich black walnut interior base with drainage channel
  • Easy to use door latch
  • Designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly
  • Rinse or hand wash with mild soap, not recommended for dishwasher
  • Size: 9.5" W x 9.5" D x 10.75" H

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