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3D Munchies - Three-Dimensional Cookbook

3D Munchies - Three-Dimensional Cookbook

3D Munchies - Three-Dimensional Cookbook

No matter why you're up late with a voracious case of the munchies, this cool new 3D Munchies Cookbook will help curb those cravings in glorious 3D. This fun cookbook from author Eli George is filled with tasty late night recipes, each with a three-dimensional photograph that pops off the page when you don a pair of the included 3D glasses. You'll go from half-baked to fully loaded in no time, but try not to stare at the pictures for too long.

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  • Author: Eli George
  • Bring your cravings into a whole new dimension
  • Mouthwatering munchies like you’ve never seen before
  • Just pop on one of the two included 3D glasses to see each mouthwatering dish come to life right before your eyes
  • Imagine 3D spicy wings, cheesy bacon and corn dip, and gooey chocolate s’mores to satiate your voracious appetite
  • Includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses
  • Size: 8.09" L x 0.71" W x 9.72" H - 136 pages

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