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Aluminum Foil Dispenser

Aluminum Foil Dispenser

Aluminum Foil Dispenser

The cool new Wrap Foil Dispenser replaces the flimsy cardboard box and cutter that aluminum foil rolls come in and helps keep your kitchen more organized. I use aluminum foil all the time, either for cooking or for wrapping up leftovers, and I'm tired of dragging out that ratty looking box that never holds up. This permanent replacement box holds one standard 12" roll and provides a clean cut every time, takes up less space and has a transparent window to see how much is left. It stacks nicely in your cabinet or pantry, fits in drawers and even has a built-in magnet to hang it from the side of the fridge. Pick up two and use the other for plastic wrap.

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  • Provides a clean cut every time
  • Takes up less space than boxes
  • Transparent window to view what's inside
  • Holds one standard 12" roll at a time
  • Clings to the fridge with built-in magnets
  • More durable than cardboard
  • Size: 2.5" x 2.75" x 12.5"

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