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Smart Jumper Cables

Smart Jumper Cables

Smart Jumper Cables

I recently had battery trouble and needed to jump start the car. Well, it was actually my first time getting to do this and I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant connecting the jumper cables. All turned out fine and nothing exploded or anything, but jumper cables really should have some basic error-checking built in, because not everyone is as smart and fearless as me! Ahem...

The cool new Smart Jumper Cables make jump starting a battery goof-proof and super easy. Just connect the clamps to the battery terminals on each car and LED indicator lights let you know when the cables are connected correctly. Now simply connect the plug heads in the middle and you're good to go. These innovative 11 foot jumper cables are made with heavy-duty, tangle-free 8-gauge copper wire, durable copper-plated terminal clamps and store in an included vinyl storage bag.

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