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Flash Flare - Roadside Electronic Flare Kit

Flash Flare - Roadside Electronic Flare Kit

Flash Flare - Roadside Electronic Flare Kit

In a roadside emergency, don't mess around with real flares, just use these cool new Flash Flares. These battery-powered, electronic flares are a much safer alternative to conventional flares and offer 360 degrees of visibility - day or night. Each weather-resistant flare features 33 super bright red LEDs, 4 variable lighting sequences, an elevated base for uneven roads and LED lights on top for aerial viewing. It's a great device to have in every car, just in case, and makes a great gift.

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  • 2-pack w/ storage case
  • 360-degree visibility - can be seen day or night
  • Safer alternative to conventional flares
  • Each Flare contains 33 LEDs - 30 positioned horizontal and 3 positioned vertically
  • Total output for a single Flash Flare 33.7 lumens.
  • 4 variable lighting sequences - Top LED lights for aerial viewing
  • Perfect for traffic management, visual protection, emergencies, accidents, directional markers and vehicle loading/unloading
  • Elevated base for uneven roads
  • Weather-resistant - bright thermoplastic rings with UV-stabilizers
  • Kit includes 2 lights, 2 stands, a storage case and 4 C batteries

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