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Wooden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Car Vent Clip

Wooden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Car Vent Clip

Forget those goofy air fresheners that hang from the rearview mirror and freshen the scent inside your car using essential oils with this cool new Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser. This unique miniature essential oil diffuser clips to the air-conditioning vent of your car and rotates its fan blade on the front depending on the airflow to help circulate the aroma. It feature a stylish wooden casing, freshens the air for up to 3 weeks per piece, and includes 3 refill pads that are initially scented with ocean and lemon scents, but can be reused with your own favorite essential oil scents when they dry up. A great chemical-free alternative to cover up your automobile's not-so-new-car scent.


  • Mini car essential oil diffuser
  • Installs on the air-conditioning vent
  • Rotating fan blade circulates the air to help with aroma diffusion
  • Never impacts your sight during driving due to its mini size
  • Enjoy your trip with the pleasent fragrance
  • Made of wood
  • Without chemicals, the diffuser provides long lasting fresh air
  • 3x Refill pads (Ocean and lemon and cologne)
  • Each piece lasts for 2-3weeks
  • Extra oil pads available or refill the pad with your favorite essential oil

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