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Animated LED Emoticon

Animated LED Emoticon

Animated LED Emoticon

It's the 21st century and instant state-of-the-art global communications are possible, yet the automobile still uses a lowly horn to get its message across. To others on the road a honking horn means only one thing, negativity. There's no way I can politely honk my horn to alert others. If they hear me honk, they're instantly thinking I'm a total @$$hole. Well, vehicle to vehicle communications are about to improve with the cool new Animated LED Emoticon.

Simply attach it to your back window with a suction cup and it displays 5 different smiley faces to drivers behind you. All you have to do is select a smiley face message that is appropriate for the situation from the included wireless remote control. You can pick from a smiling face, frowning face, "Thanks", "Back Off" and "Idiot". For example, you are trying to merge onto the highway and someone actually lets you in, just give them the thanks or a smiley face. :)

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