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Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!

Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!

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Do you feel like a total Grinch while traveling around during the crazy hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Well, give your scowling Grinch side a break from behind the wheel and let it ride shotgun instead as you relax and crank up the festive Christmas tunes with this cool new Gemmy Airblown Car Buddy Grinch. This fun, double-take-inducing inflatable Grinch is sized to sit in the passenger's seat, wears a festive Santa hat and scarf, is powered by plugging it into the vehicle's 12V power port, secures down with a strap, and wears a seatbelt for extra safety too... and because it's the law. Yep, they also sell the Grinch's dog Max as an inflatable as well to place in the backseat. No inflatable Whos seem to be available though, probably because they're loud and obnoxious, intolerant of anyone outside of Whoville, never take down their Christmas decorations, and are just a bunch of insulting, name-calling bullies who don't respect their neighbors. Team Grinch all the way!

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Carl the Snowman - Melts Into Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows
To magically transform Carl the Snowman into hot cocoa, just warm a pan of milk, drop poor Carl in, and stir him around until he melts completely into 5-8 cups of tasty hot cocoa with marshmallows.
Waxed Amaryllis Bulb -  Blooms Without Water or Soil
These festive jumbo sized amaryllis bulbs are coated in protective wax to seal in all the moisture and stored energy needed to grow and bloom - no watering or planting required.
Giant Stack of Christmas Presents Topiary
Make your home appear to have hit Santa's Nice List jackpot this year with an overflow of decorative gifts stacked up on your front porch.
Holiday Snowman Vacuum Cleaner Cover
With the holidays just around the corner, there's a good chance you'll be doing a lot of vacumming, so keep the vacuum nearby and right out in the open by disguising it with this cool new Holiday Snowman Vacuum Cleaner Cover.
Mr. Christmas - Wireless Synchronized  Lights and Sounds of Christmas
Sit back and watch in sheer awe as your home explodes in a full blown holiday extravaganza of dancing lights and music using a device that lets amateur holiday decorators professionally synchronize their lights and decorations to the sounds of 46 Christmas carols through 4 remote wireless receivers within a 100-foot range!
Cocoa Trimming Kit with Snowman Marshmallows
The kit includes five snowman-shaped marshmallows and five candy cane sticks to make your hot chocolate more fun and festive.
Duke Cannon Holiday Soaps - Illegally Cut Pine, Lump of Coal, and More
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so wash up and smell a bit more festive with this sleigh load of seasonal scented soap bricks from Duke Cannon.
Night Before Christmas Milk and Cookies (and Carrot) Serving Set
It's a holiday tradition to put out milk and cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and now there's a more festive way to do it with this ceramic serving set.
Poplar Bark Wreath
These natural wreaths are handcrafted from layered pieces of genuine poplar tree bark and can be used either au naturel or if you're feeling a bit crafty can be dressed up with extra greenery, ribbons, string lights, and more.

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Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
Like mittens for your car's door handles, these magnetic mitts prevent frozen locks and stuck handles on vehicles parked outdoors during snow and ice storms.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
A fun decal for the back window of a vehicle that makes it seem as if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is flexing his arms every time the rear wiper moves.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
When your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, mud, or sand, try slipping these emergency tire traction mats under your vehicles's pulling wheels to give them something to bite down into and pull free.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
If you prefer the new trunk-or-treat experience on Halloween with your kids rather than traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, at least dress your car trunk up in a spooky costume with one of these cool new Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Car Trunk Decorations.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
This cute decal transforms the boring back and forth swish of a rear window wiper into a much more satisfying wag.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
Before a snowstorm, attach this cool new Windshield Snow Tarp to your car or SUV using its seven sewn in magnets and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. It removes quickly and easily folds back down for easy storage in its included drawstring pouch in between winter storms.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
This ultra thin and flexible task light bends, folds, and wraps light in any direction you need it - completely hands-free.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
Simply slide this durable PVC-coated woven polyester fabric balloon underneath your car, truck, trailer, camper or ATV, attach the hose and cone end to your exhaust pipe and watch in amazement as it quickly inflates and lifts the vehicle up.
Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!
If you're tired of endlessly dropping French fries, coins, cell phones, pens, and more down between the seats in your car, then check out these cool new gap-filling neoprene wedges for car seats.

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