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Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!

Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!

Inflatable Car Buddy - The Grinch!

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Do you feel like a total Grinch while traveling around during the crazy hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Well, give your scowling Grinch side a break from behind the wheel and let it ride shotgun instead as you relax and crank up the festive Christmas tunes with this cool new Gemmy Airblown Car Buddy Grinch. This fun, double-take-inducing inflatable Grinch is sized to sit in the passenger's seat, wears a festive Santa hat and scarf, is powered by plugging it into the vehicle's 12V power port, secures down with a strap, and wears a seatbelt for extra safety too... and because it's the law. Yep, they also sell the Grinch's dog Max as an inflatable as well to place in the backseat. No inflatable Whos seem to be available though, probably because they're loud and obnoxious, intolerant of anyone outside of Whoville, never take down their Christmas decorations, and are just a bunch of insulting, name-calling bullies who don't respect their neighbors. Team Grinch all the way!

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