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Photoblocker Spray - Prevent Red Light Camera Traffic Tickets!

Photoblocker Spray - Prevent Red Light Camera Traffic Tickets!

I'm not advocating breaking the law or speeding in your car, but these heartless new traffic cameras that catch you speeding or running a red light, take a picture of your license plate and send you a traffic ticket in the mail show no mercy, unlike a friendly police officer might. Well there is a way to invisibly prevent getting a camera based traffic ticket using a new product called Photoblocker Spray. Just spray it once on your license plate and it protects you from these Big Brother cameras for life by reflecting back the photo radar flash to overexpose the photo of your plate. At this point. it appears to be legal, but it's going to be hard for anyone to even know since it's an invisible coating and it keeps the plate completely legible to the naked eye!

Update: Hmmm, just saw this tested on Mythbusters show and it's BUSTED!


  • Reflects photo radar and speed camera flash.
  • Spray it and make your license plate invisible to cameras.
  • Proven to beat photo radar and red light camera.
  • Good for up to four plates.
  • One time application good for life.

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