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Glove Box Battery Jumper

Glove Box Battery Jumper

Glove Box Battery Jumper

If the battery in your car dies and leaves you stranded, don't mess around with jumper cables and trying to get a jump start, just use this cool new Glove Box Battery Jumper instead. Just plug this tiny 30-volt battery into your car's 12-volt lighter outlet and it produces a two-amp trickle charge that gives you enough power to easily jumpstart the car's battery in only 10 minutes. It's small enough to store in the glovebox, quickly recharges in 30 minutes from a running car and comes fully charged, providing up to five years of power. Handy solution.



  • Charges a car's battery from the comfort and safety of the driver's seat
  • Small enough to store inside a glove box
  • 30-volt battery plugs into a car's 12-volt lighter outlet
  • Jump-starts a car's battery in as little as 10 minutes
  • Provides a two-amp trickle charge, even in temperatures as low as -10° F
  • A quick beep indicates when charging is complete
  • Recharges in 30 minutes from a running car
  • Comes fully charged, providing up to five years of power
  • Includes a set of mini-jumper cables for motorcycles
  • Size: 3" L x 3" W x 2.5" D - 2 lbs

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