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CarMD - Handheld Vehicle Diagnostic Unit

CarMD - Handheld Vehicle Diagnostic Unit

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Is your "Check Engine" light on? Before you take your car in to see the mechanic and get ripped off, give it a quick checkup yourself with the cool new CarMD - Handheld Vehicle Diagnostic Unit. This handheld gadget easily identifies vehicle problems and is even able to estimate repair costs.

Simply plug the CarMD into your vehicle's hidden 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC), which is universal on all 1996 and newer OBD2-certified vehicles. Now turn your ignition to ON and the CarMD will automatically link to the vehicle's computer and retrieve all diagnostic information, just like your mechanic does. The CarMD has three color-coded LEDs that will now signal what to do next. Green means your good to go, everything checks out and yellow or red means there are problems. To determine exactly what these problems are and estimate what they are going to cost to repair, simply connect the CarMD to your PC via USB and a visit to the CarMD website will provide you with a complete diagnostic report. If you are on a road trip and not near a computer, you can also call CarMD's staff of ASE Certified Technicians who can help you diagnose problems and answer questions over the phone.

So when that "Check Engine Light" does come on, wouldn't it be helpful to have the same report and knowledge the mechanic has before going in for service? Wouldn't it be nice to know it was just a loose gas cap or something simple? This is also a great tool for testing out Used Cars, general maintenance peace of mind and travel readiness. This is almost a must have for any driver and a perfect gift.

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