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IceScreen Mirror Mitts - Winter Car Mirror Covers

IceScreen Mirror Mitts - Winter Car Mirror Covers

This winter, if you'll be battling the snowy weather with an ice scraper in hand, shaking it up at the heavens, then you need to add a Windshield Snow Cover, Door Handle Mitts, and definitely these cool new IceScreen Mirror Mitts to your vehicle. If you don't have heated side mirrors or prefer instant visibility, simply slip these handy covers over to prevent buildup of snow, frost, ice, and even bird droppings. They're made from a scratch-resistant material, fit most vehicles including medium-sized pickup trucks, and have a theft proof design. Hmm, maybe you should encase your entire car in a Inflatable Car Bubble instead?


  • Side view mirror covers / mitts
  • Protect your vehicle's side view mirrors from the elements
  • Stretches over regular size mirrors, suitable for pickups
  • High quality and scratch resistant material
  • Waterproof
  • Increase your visibility instantly
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Theft proof
  • Easy On / Off
  • Prevents snow, frost, ice, and even bird droppings
  • Reusable

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