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Stayhold Cargo Companion

Stayhold Cargo Companion

Stayhold Cargo Companion


What is the most annoying sound in the world? The once beautifully bagged groceries now rolling all around in the trunk of your car on every turn. When transporting groceries, tools, bottles, bags, plants, luggage, sports equipment, and other loose objects in your car, keep them securely in place using this cool new Stayhold Cargo Companion. This simple plastic barrier securely sticks down and grips the carpeting anywhere you need it, yet easily removes with just a pull on the handle. Honestly, I think this ingenious automative solution should be a standard item in every single car, because there's always something rolling around back there or something new on its way home. Check out the video demo below to see it in action with plenty of scenarios where it would come in very handy.

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