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Instant Attic Flooring Panels

Instant Attic Flooring Panels

Instant Attic Flooring Panels

I don't know why they don't just put a floor in the attic while building the house. Doesn't everyone want that cool walk-in grandma's attic filled with forgotten treasures like in the movies? Well, if you're like most people, your attic floor is probably unfinished and either you or the extra stuff you store up there is bound to one day accidentally fall through the ceiling. Well instead of cutting up endless sheets of plywood into small panels to carry up through the tiny attic door and attempt to piece together some kind of floor, just use this cool new Instant Attic Flooring instead. These heavy-duty plastic floor panels can be placed over existing attic joists measuring either 16" or 24" on center and have pre-drilled holes to make installation simple. Each panel is made in the USA, supports up to 250 lbs, has notches to handle existing wiring that may be in the way, and can either be used to cover an entire attic, a pathway to reach hard to reach areas, or just to cover a small area for storage. They come in a set of 4 and each set covers up to 12 square feet. Great solution, just try not to fall through ceiling while installing them.

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  • Turn your attic into usable storage space
  • Falling through the ceiling below your attic would be disastrous in more ways than one
  • Simply place these floor panels over existing joists measuring either 16" or 24" on center
  • Panels have pre-drilled holes and attach to the joists with the included flathead screws
  • Designed by someone who did fall through his kitchen ceiling
  • Cover an entire area to make a spot for storage or use as a stepping-stone pathway to access hard-to-reach areas in your attic
  • Panels also make excellent flooring for sheds
  • Made of a recycled polycarbonate ABS alloy
  • 4 panels - covers nearly 12 square feet
  • Each panel supports up to 250 lbs
  • Size: 24.75" x 17" x 1.5" thick
  • Made in the USA

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