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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan

Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan

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Help beat the heat in your workshop, garage, job site, or anywhere else with this literally cool new Vornado EXO5. This versatile, heavy-duty air circulating shop fan uses Vortex Action airflow to circulate all the air in the room up to 70 ft away and be placed either on its tripod stand, hung from its clamp attachment, mounted on the wall, or even tied up. It features a 360 degree swiveling head to reach almost any angle you need, 3 fan speeds with a glove-friendly switch, an EXOskeleton high-impact case, a collapsible tripod, and a powerful IP54 rated ball-bearing motor that is well-protected from dust and debris. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
A futuristic wrench with a patented liquid-core that adjusts to fit almost any nut or bolt (metric and standard) with ease.
Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
Like a door mat for your entire garage or just underneath a parked vehicle, this heavy-duty, stain-resistant garage mat absorbs water, snow, and mud from car tires and shoes through a patented two-layer permeable surface.
Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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Vornado EXO5 - Heavy-Duty Air Circulator Shop Fan
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