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Shibumi Shade - Giant Wind-Powered Beach Canopy

Shibumi Shade - Giant Wind-Powered Beach Canopy

Shibumi Shade - Giant Wind-Powered Beach Canopy

Beach umbrellas and pop-up canopies are bulky and tend to blow away in the breezy ocean wind, but this cool new Shibumi Shade is a giant wind-powered beach shade that actually works with the wind and not against it. Made from 40% of ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles, this unique wind sail provides up to 150 square feet of shade on the beach with UPF 50+ sun protection for up to 6 people with plenty of room leftover for coolers, bags, and gear. Just face the wind, plant the poles in the sand, and with only a 3 mph ocean breeze, your sun shade will be floating above you and won't blow away or break in a strong wind. Even better, it only takes 1 person about 3 minutes to assemble it and it's compact, lightweight design folds up into a convenient carrying bag when it's time to leave. It looks impressive too.

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  • Shibumi Shade is now quieter, stronger, and provides more sun protection than ever before
  • This beach shade works with the wind, not against it
  • Designed to float on the ocean breeze, Shibumi Shade sails with as little as 3 mph of wind
  • Face the wind directly, plant poles in the sand, and relax.
  • Unlike traditional beach umbrellas and tents, it won't blow away or break in the wind
  • Provides 150 square feet of shade
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Assembles in 3 minutes with just one set of hands
  • Weighs only 4 pounds and folds into a compact size that fits in an included carrying bag
  • Best for Groups of 4-6 People with room leftover for bags, coolers and beach gear
  • Made From 40% Ocean-Bound Recycled Plastic bottles
  • Sewn in America

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