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UFO Raincoat / Umbrella

UFO Raincoat / Umbrella

UFO Raincoat / Umbrella

When you combine an umbrella, a raincoat, a poncho, and the latest in stylish alien fashion, you get something like this cool new UFO Raincoat. Just slip this out-of-this-world raincoat / umbrella hat over your head and the canopy extends out over the shoulders to shield your body from the rain and the front section is clear allowing you to see the ground in front of you, but you'll obviously be too busy staring at your phone to do that. Perfect for anyone stuck in the rain who really likes attention... hmm, and fishing?

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  • UFO raincoat
  • Hands free umbrella hat
  • Front is clear - See the road clearly or stare at a smartphone
  • Ramp shape makes rain drops quickly
  • Great for fishing
  • Size: 33.85" x 32.67"

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