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Poler Napsack - Wearable Sleeping Bag

Poler Napsack - Wearable Sleeping Bag

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When you're outdoors under the starry night skies on a cold night, a blanket with sleeves just won't cut it, you need this cool new Poler Napsack. This innovative sleeping bag doesn't just stay in your tent all day, it goes with you wherever you may roam, because it's designed for mobility. When sleeping, it's a regular sleeping bag, but when you want to move, just leave it on, unzip the side openings to let your arms out, undue the bottom drawstring to allow your legs out, then just hike it up to your waist and cinch to transform it into a puffy jacket. It features a 100% microfiber polyester shell, a 100% nylon lining, and 100% polyester insulation. Great for camping, tailgating, outdoor concerts, or anywhere you want to be extra cozy.

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