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Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit

Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit

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This cool new Wearable Air Mattress / Sleeping Bag Suit from Japan is just that, a sleeping bag-like suit that's attached to an inflatable air mattress so you can snooze off wherever you wish. It's perfect for pulling an all-nighter at the office, a space-saving extra bed for guests, a comfy camping solution, napping in the pool, or for any other reason you can think of where you may want to wear a comfortable air mattress. It includes a handy air pump and conveniently flattens and rolls up into a sack that stores inside an A4 file-sized box.

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The Giant Freshwater Stingray is not only the largest stingray in the world, it's also the largest freshwater fish in the world... and now it's a giant blanket!
Yogibo Cozybo - All-Season Bean Bag Blanket
an all season blanket designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, is made from the same unique fabric of Yogibo's bean bag chairs, and is filled with Fibead filling (mini beads and fibers) that give the blanket an ultra-cozy, body-conforming, and gel-like sensation.
Alien Full-Body Wearable Sleeping Bag
A wearable full-body sleeping bag that transforms you into a humanoid grey alien from Zeta Reticula who's visiting Earth on an intergalactic camping trip.
The World's Largest Blanket - 10.5 Feet!
Cuddle up with the entire family, wrap yourself up like a giant burrito, make a huge land claim on a picnic, or finally cover yourself in bed if you're a giant.
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Pullman Railroad Sleeper Car Wool Blanket Replica
Exact replicas of the luxurious Pullman berth blankets used on the cross-country Pullman railroad sleeper cars from the late 1800s.
Horror Movie VHS Cover Art Throw Blankets - Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead
This Halloween season, on some dark and stormy night, turn off all the lights and curl up on the couch to watch an old horror movie wrapped in one of these blankets with the VHS box art from either Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or the Evil Dead printed on one side.
Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza Gravity Weighted Blanket
This cool new Original Pan Weighted Blanket from Gravity may look like an extra, extra large Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza topped with cheese and pepperoni, except it's actually a giant 15 pound weighted blanket designed to reduce your stress and anxiety, help you sleep, and give you a seriously massive pizza craving.
Giant Super Chunky Knit Wool Blanket
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Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
These squishy germs come in either a gross, snot-colored common cold or a brown and hairy E. Coli that can flung through the air with disgusting sound effects like a cough or sneeze or severe flatulence.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
If you have an office at your workplace, you usually have a door that someone can knock on to get your attention, but what do visitors do if you are stuck in a cubicle? Well, they would use the Cubicaller - Cubicle Doorbell of course!
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
The perfect solution for anyone now stuck working from home with family or roommates wandering around and without a spare room to work privately and distraction-free from.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
Transforms your modern iPhone into a fully-functional steampunk-style vintage telephone.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
Too lazy to shoot a crumpled up wad of paper into the recycle bin? Need to send a message across the office? Have a crazy rabid raccoon rampaging through the cubicles? No problem.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
A paperweight that looks exactly like crumpled up piece of legal paper.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
No need to knock on wood yourself, because this little curio will do the knocking for you.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
Although I'd love to line my property with creepy giant stone heads like the mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island, but I guess I'll have to settle with lining my desk first with these cool new miniature Desktop Heads of Easter Island.
Wearable Sleeping Bag / Air Mattress Suit
This portable pickleball set transforms a desktop or tabletop into a mini pickleball court to challenge others or just practice by yourself up against a wall.

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