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Teddy Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

Teddy Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

Teddy Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

The next time you picnic out in the great outdoors, do it in style upon this fancy Teddy Bear Skin Picnic Blanket. This faux teddy bear pelt (no living teddy bears were harmed) has a waterproof backing and neatly rolls up into itself forming a little teddy bear head complete with a carrying handle. If a real bear happens to wander in to enjoy your picnic basket, it's best to slip away and let him enjoy the comfort of this blanket while dining as well, because it's machine washable later on if you survive. Available in traditional picnic red or brown bear.



  • No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this picnic blanket
  • Blanket neatly rolls up into a teddy bear's head, complete with a carry handle
  • Waterproof backing
  • Colors: Red or Brown
  • Machine washable

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