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Bluetooth Speaker Picnic Blanket

Bluetooth Speaker Picnic Blanket

Bluetooth Speaker Picnic Blanket

This cool new Bluetooth Speaker Picnic Blanket is a unique picnic blanket made from polyester fleece and rugged foam with a waterproof backing to keep it dry, plus it also has two built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to pump out some tunes. It features dual-channel 3W wireless speakers, rolls up for compact storage, has a carrying handle for easy transport, and charges up via USB. It's perfect for playing romantic music while wining and dining al fresco with your sweetheart on a picnic, playing terrifying slasher horror movie soundtracks while camping deep in some haunted forest, listening to a better version of the song being played at an outdoor music festival, annoying everyone at a crowded beach with your favorite music cranked all the way up, or just listening to a podcast while sitting alone out in the middle of your own backyard.

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