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Birdhouse Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Birdhouse Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Birdhouse Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

At first glance, this cool new Birdhouse Speaker may look like a normal home for your feathered friends hanging from the tree branches, but it's actually a Bluetooth wireless outdoor speaker hiding in plain sight. It features high quality stereo speakers, uses a rechargeable batter, and wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth audio device. I want one just play bird songs through the speakers to confuse the birds trying to get in.

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  • Bluetooth wireless outdoor stereo speaker
  • Wirelessly connects to any device
  • Enjoy high-quality stereo streaming outdoors
  • Operates with a rechargeable battery
  • Attractive bird house design blends in with your landscape
  • Size: 6" W x 4.5" D x 13" H

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