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Zero-Waste Solar Food Digester

Zero-Waste Solar Food Digester

Zero-Waste Solar Food Digester

The cool new Zero-Waste Solar Food Digester handles more than most traditional garden compost bins by allowing you to dispose of all of your household kitchen waste and leftovers, including raw and cooked meat, bones, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, and pet waste. Simply install the stylish and environmentally-friendly digester in sunny spot in your yard or garden and as you add organic waste to the receptacle on top, it's digested using a solar decomposition process and promotes the growth of micro-organisms in the soil to break it all down into water, carbon dioxide and just a small amount of solid residue that you clean out every few years. It's not meant to make soil, it's designed to save landfill space by eliminating all of your food waste. Isn't this much cooler and more interesting than helping to build a huge, disgusting mountain of garbage?

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  • Zero-Waste Digester Handles What Composters Can't
  • Dispose of all of your kitchen scraps, including dairy, meat, bones and bread
  • Reduce household waste in landfills
  • Flat back allows placement against a fence or garden shed
  • Low-density polyethylene
  • Installation requires digging a hole large enough for the basket to be underground
  • A small amount of residue will eventually accumulate in the basket, requiring cleaning every few years
  • May be used for disposal of pet waste, too
  • Works best in a sunny spot with well-drained soil
  • Materials collect in a perforated underground basket, where earthworms and other soil organisms break them down into carbon dioxide, water and just a small amount of solid residue
  • Size: Above-ground portion is 23" in diameter x 34" H - basket is 15" in diameter and 18" H

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