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Simplehuman Grocery Bag Trash Can

Simplehuman Grocery Bag Trash Can

Simplehuman Grocery Bag Trash Can

I really like using the self-checkout at the grocery store. Not only do I find it a fun challenge to see how fast I can do it, I also try to see how much I can possibly get into each bag. If I let the actual workers bag my stuff, they always seem to bag each item individually and then all the canned goods go on top of the eggs in the last bag. Not only are these baggers socially strange and wastefully worthless, they're stupid as well. So go ahead and bag your own groceries if you can, it's fun. Don't worry about the pressure of the hurried self-baggers lining up behind you. If you screw up and have to wait for assistance and they start grumbling and complaining, good, that's even more satisfying.

Now that I got that out of the way, on to the actual cool new product. What do you do with all those plastic grocery bags from the supermarket? Well, instead of buying trash bags, simply re-use those plastic grocery bags in the innovative and stylish Simplehuman Grocery Bag Trash Can. This stylish brushed stainless steel wastebasket features custom handles to hold the bag securely in place and a slim and narrow design that is ideal for any kitchen, office or bathroom. Good idea and a great recycling solution.

The Simplehuman Grocery Bag Holder is the companion piece that stores all of those plastic bags until they are needed.

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