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Wine Wedge

Wine Wedge

Wine Wedge

These cool new rubber Wine Wedges let you safely stack a pyramid of 6 wine bottles or 10 beer bottles on your countertop or fridge and stops them from rolling away. Simply lay down a wedge, then three wine bottles and then then the final wedge. Now finish stacking upwards. I like these not only for the sheer simplicity and space-saving design, but also because they are nearly invisible compared to those bulky wine racks. Great gift and solution for any wine lover.

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  • Comes as a pair
  • Safely stack 6 wine bottles or 10 beer bottles
  • Works on wire rack fridge shelves
  • Stacks wine, beer bottles, cans and other beverage bottles
  • Measures: 0" H x 1" W x 6" D

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