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Portable Wine Dispensing Drink Bag

Portable Wine Dispensing Drink Bag

Portable Wine Dispensing Drink Bag

Whether you want to take your favorite wine, craft beer, or other chilled beverage discreetly on the go while picnicking, tailgating, camping, boating, exploring, or just going wherever or you just wish that your box of wine in the fridge was way more mobile, then check out this cool new Wine Dispensing Drink Bag. This handy drink dispensing tote has a false bottom that has enough room to conceal an airtight and leak-proof 5 liter pouch and a freezer pack to keep your beverage chilled and enough room for cups, snacks, and other things on top. Hmm, where's the wine dispensing fanny pack version?

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  • Designer: Tracey Luebbers
  • Carryall tote carries and dispenses your favorite craft beer, wine or any chilled beverage to picnics and tailgate parties in style
  • Water-proof bag has a false bottom that conceals a 5-liter, leak-proof, airtight pouch that holds your drink and a freezer pack to keep things chilled
  • Room for cups, snacks, or other essentials, as well as a zippered compartment for valuables
  • Comfortable shoulder strap that leaves your hands free
  • Hand-stitched in Glasgow, Missouri
  • Individual 3-liter wine bag is intended for one use only
  • Can hold a five liter size box of wine
  • Includes: 1 Cold pack, 1 BPA-free Polyethylene Insert
  • Perfect for ball games, concerts, boating, pools, beaches, and more
  • Capacity: 101.44 fl. oz
  • Size: 18" L x 5.5" W x 12" H

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