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HOST FREEZE - Cooling Wine Glasses

HOST FREEZE - Cooling Wine Glasses

HOST FREEZE - Cooling Wine Glasses

These cool new HOST FREEZE - Cooling Wine Glasses ensure that your red wine is always at the perfect cellar temperature and your white wine is always properly chilled without needing to preplan beforehand. These unique acrylic wine glasses have an inner cooling gel that perfectly chills wines for hours just by keeping them either in the fridge for reds or in the freezer for whites. A great solution for when your guests are picky about how they prefer their wine's temperature and the unchilled bottle can be the default.


  • Set includes 2 acrylic glasses that keep your red and white wines perfectly chilled for hours
  • Contains a cooling gel so there is no longer a need to preplan by chilling your drink beforehand
  • Pop them in the fridge to cool you reds to the perfect cellar temperature
  • Store them in the freezer to chill your whites

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