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Vino Diva - Reusable Wine Aeration Straw

Vino Diva - Reusable Wine Aeration Straw

Vino Diva - Reusable Wine Aeration Straw

This cool new Vino Diva is an innovative reusable straw designed to perfectly aerate red wine with every sip and can be flipped over and used as a normal straw for any other non-aerated beverage or cool coffee drink as well. Not only does this convenient reusable straw instantly open up a red wine's full flavor and bouquet using its patented micro port aeration system, it also helps to keep your teeth white and protected from wine stains, coffee acidity, and more. Each straw is constructed from jet black-finished FDA grade aluminum, comes in a sleek and elegant corked carrying tube to take with you on the go, and even includes a cleaning brush. A great eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws and an interesting new sipping accessory for any wine lover.

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  • Aerating wine straw lets air into wine through its micro-port system producing perfect aeration with every sip
  • Experience the full bouquet and full flavor of your wine with no wait time
  • Flip it over for non-aerated drinks and cool coffee drinks
  • Keep teeth white and protected from red wine and coffee acidity and stains
  • Reusable - FDA grade aluminum for a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Patented micro-port system
  • Carrying case and cleaning brush included
  • Environmentally friendly - no more plastic straws
  • Elegant, thin design - Jet-black, sleek finish

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