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Soup Sticks - Chopstick Straws

Soup Sticks - Chopstick Straws

Soup Sticks - Chopstick Straws

Just when you think they can't innovate eating utensils any further, along comes these cool new Soup Sticks by designer Julian Lechner. Chopsticks are efficient for grabbing noodles, meats, and veggies, but when it comes to dealing with the tasty broth, they're a complete fail and force you to slurp from the bowl like an uncivilized animal. These ingenious chopsticks are hollow inside with straw-like openings at one end and little filtering holes at the pointy end. When you've finished eating the solids with the Soup Sticks, now you can suck up the broth too. Unfortunately, these are currently just a concept, but I think will become a reality soon enough, transforming the Ramen Noodle dining experience forever.

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