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Velma And Evander Interactive Marble Busts

Velma And Evander Interactive Marble Busts

Velma And Evander Interactive Marble Busts

Throw out your boring old marble bust of Beethoven or some other dead person, because these cool new Velma And Evander Interactive Marble Busts actually move and speak. When these fanged faux marble busts detect motion in a room, they come to life and carry on different conversations with each other, complete with moving heads and mouths and spooky glowing white eyes. Unfortunately, they aren't haunted enough to have a real conversation with you, but a pair of talking vampire busts on your desk is cool enough. Check out this VIDEO to see these chatty vampire heads in action. Such a sweet old couple.

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  • Velma and Evander carry on four different conversations
  • Their mouths also move and heads turn to look at one another
  • A motion sensor activates their flashing white eyes
  • Durable plastic creates the lifelike appearance of marble
  • A 16.5 ft. connecting wire allows you to position them perfectly to suit your space
  • Size: 16" H - 6 lbs

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