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Life-Size Posable Ghost Figure

Life-Size Posable Ghost Figure

Life-Size Posable Ghost Figure

No proper haunted house is complete until there's an actual spooky ghost haunting it, so forget candle-filled seances and Ouija boards and just order one of these cool new Posable Ghost Figures instead. Standing nearly six feet tall, this terrifying life-sized yet body-less specter appears to hover above the ground with only its hands and creepy face visible beneath a shroud of tattered gauze. It's eyes eerily glow a ghostly white and it can be adjusted to three different heights for dispolaying standing up, kneeling, or crawling from out of a grave or under a bed. The levitation effect is achieved via it's internal adjustable metal-pole framework and the arms are wired to be posable. Perfect for Halloween or evil pranks and mischief all year long.

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  • Adjustable-height Halloween ghost figure that reaches from within draped fabric
  • Adjustable to three heights at your discretion: crawling from grave, kneeling, standing
  • Up from the grave, our Posable Ghost Figure is more than meets the unsuspecting eye
  • Beneath layers of his spectral, gauzy burial gown is a metal-pole framework that adjusts to varying heights
  • Realistic, ghostly white plastic face and hands beneath tattered gauze fabric
  • Eyes light up - a soft white that fades in and out
  • Figure built on metal framework; poles can be easily added or removed to adjust height
  • Arms wired to be posable
  • Change his position as time haunts through the season
  • Poses: crawling from the ground, hovering low, or levitating nearly six feet tall
  • Figure has no body; constructed on metal framework
  • Sturdy, plastic, four-post base
  • For indoor/covered outdoor use
  • Size: 47.25" W x 7" D x 67" H - 4 lbs

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