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Jabba The Hutt - Inflatable Halloween Costume

Jabba The Hutt - Inflatable Halloween Costume

This Halloween, dress up as the ultimate intergalactic gangster with the vile and loathsome new Jabba The Hutt - Inflatable Halloween Costume. Just slip on the costume, turn on the built-in fan and be amazed as it inflates up to serious Jabba-sized proportions. Sure you'll look like a slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, but the good news is that the Jedi and their mind tricks won't be able to trick you out of your candy, you'll be an enormous center of attention at any party and since you're a powerful criminal overlord, sure to attract all the girls dressed up as Slave Leia. Unfortunately, the goofy laughing Salacious Crumb is not included.

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