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Lifesize Salacious B. Crumb

Lifesize Salacious B. Crumb

Lifesize Salacious B. Crumb


If there are any Star Wars fans left out there, you surely remember that evil cackling little Kowakian monkey-lizard named Salacious B. Crumb from Return of the Jedi. He was Jabba the Hutt's court jester, sat on a pillow near the base of Jabba's throne and sadistically laughed at and annoyed everyone to Jabba's amusement. Unfortunately he died when Jabba's sail barge exploded due to unexpected Jedi interference. When I was a kid, he was one of my favorite characters and now I can have a Lifesize Salacious B. Crumb of my very own to pester guests in my own palace. Now I wish I had a lifesize Rancor monster for the garden...

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