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Evo Grill - Circular Flat-Top Grill

Evo Grill - Circular Flat-Top Grill

Evo Grill - Circular Flat-Top Grill

I love creating my own stir-fry bowl at BD's Mongolian Barbeque, but unfortunately they won't let me grill my meat, seafood, vegetable choices on their cool circular flat-top grills. I'm sure I could put on quite a show given the opportunity. It doesn't matter, because with the cool new stainless steel Evo Grill - Circular Flat-Top Grill I can now cook Mongolian style and recreate the same experience at home.

The Evo Grill features a flameless, circular, flat-top surface design heated from below using a patented dual burner system. It lets you cook a whole variety of different foods at once without charring or burning food like on a traditional open-flame grill. You can grill, sear, saut, braise, boil, roast, steam, stir-fry, bake, poach, toast and fry with limitless menu possibilities. I think the best part is that it allows your guests to gather around you while you show off your mastered culinary cooking techniques that would make even Genghis Khan proud. KHAN!!!!

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  • Flameless open circular flat-top design
  • Patented dual burner system
  • Individually controlled inner and outer heat zones
  • Simultaneously prepare different foods or combined to provide uniform heat across the entire 30" diam. cooking surface
  • Wheeled cart simplifies moving the grill wherever you need it
  • Included are a cookbook, two spatulas and a cleaning kit with a grill scraper and stainless-steel polish
  • A protective cover is sold separately
  • 48,000 Total BTU; 40" Diam. x 37" H

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