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Folding Grill Tools - Collapse for Compact Storage

Folding Grill Tools - Collapse for Compact Storage

Folding Grill Tools - Collapse for Compact Storage

I love cooking on the grill, but those giant tongs, spatulas and brushes take up so much space and there's no real good spot to store them afterward either. If this problem is driving you nuts too, you should check out these cool new Folding Grill Tools. These unique grilling utensils are collapsible and easily fold away when not in use, sort of like a pocket knife. They are made of heavy-duty, forged stainless steel and have environmentally friendly pakkawood handles.

The only way I think these ingenious and innovative grilling tools could possibly be improved, would be to make them spring-loaded like a switchblade and have little kickstands just like these.



  • Tools collapse and fold for compact storage
  • Heavy-duty, forged stainless steel
  • Environmentally friendly pakkawood handles
  • Folding Brush, 12" - 18"
  • Folding Tongs, 11" - 18"
  • Folding Spatula, 12 1/2" - 18"

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