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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill

Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill

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Whether you're out camping, tailgating or just exploring the great outdoors on a grand expedition, bring along this cool new Cook-Air - Wood Fire Grill to enjoy delicious, smoky flavored grilled foods with a minimum amount of effort and time. This is one of the most powerful portable grills available (65,000 BTUs) that gets up to 1,100°F in only five minutes using just a small piece of firewood. Like a jet engine, it uses a combustion chamber and an integrated 5 speed fan to generate cooking temperatures nearly 2X hotter than typical grills and with the lid in place, it can even be used to smoke your food. Although it uses wood as fuel, the turbo fan still needs to be powered from AC, car adapter, or 8 D batteries.

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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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Cook-Air - Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill
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