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Green Frog Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Green Frog Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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This cool new Green Frog Pizza Oven is an outdoor wood-fired terracotta pizza oven shaped like a whimsical green frog. I don't know why a pizza oven needs to be shaped like a gigantic frog, but it's obviously way more interesting than a boring, non-frog version of course. To use, just burn small pieces of dry wood in the back of the oven and keep adding larger pieces until a flame begins to curl up through the chimney on top. Then slide in your homemade pizza pie through the frog's mouth, which should have reached approximately 660° F, rotate it 180 degrees halfway through, and then enjoy your gourmet wood-fired pizza with the crispiest of crusts and bubbling golden cheese while relaxing in front of a huge decorative frog with an inferno raging inside its mouth.

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