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Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster

Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster

Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster

When you combine elements of extreme terror, unpronounceable galactic monsters and delicious hot dogs roasting on the grill, you get something curiously awesome like the Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster.

Author H. P. Lovecraft told the infamous tale of the Cthulhu, a huge octopus-headed monster with wings that is actually a cosmic high priest who came to Earth a long, long time ago. It's now supposedly sleeping in the mystical sunken city of R'lyeh, somewhere in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, waiting to return and wreak mindless, brutal violence upon all of humanity. Not good!

Well, until this all-powerful sea creature of the deep rises again, we can celebrate it's welcome disappearance by roasting a few hot dogs on the grill with the cool new Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster. This 100% stainless steel visage of the evil sea deity lets you slide up to 6 weenies or sausages onto its metallic tentacled roasting sticks and keep them up and off the grill. Just try not to pronounce Cthulhu with a mouthful of food or you might inadvertently wake it up!

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