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Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bags

Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bags

Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bags

These cool new Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bags from Charcoal Companion not only prevent smaller items from falling through the grill grates, they also help keep the grill grates clean afterwards. These reusable and flexible mesh bags have a non-stick coating for easy release after grilling, allow heat and smoke to easily flow through to impart flavor on the food, have stainless steel snap closures to keep the food inside securely contained, and can be flipped and turned with ease. Perfect for shrimp, vegetables, bacon, wings, fish, meat, or whatever else you can fit in them. Great grilling solution.

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  • Grill food without losing it through grill grates
  • Bag is easy to flip and turn - Food stays securely inside the bag during grilling
  • Heat and smoke easily move through the mesh to flavor the food and help keep the grill grates clean
  • Perfect for shrimp, vegetables, wings, fish, meat, bacon, and more
  • Nonstick material allows for easy removal of food afterwards
  • Flexible mesh material is heat-resistant up to 600° F
  • Stainless-steel snap closures keeps food contained
  • PTFE mesh with nonstick coating
  • To use, simply place your food in the bag, snap it shut, and throw it on the grill
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable

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