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ZenRoast - Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

ZenRoast - Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

ZenRoast - Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

Maybe you already consider yourself a home barista and love to spend that extra time to make your coffee or espresso as flavorful and fresh as humanly possible, but do you roast your own coffee beans as well? If not, then check out this cool new ZenRoast. This unique ceramic coffee roaster from Japan is a primitive yet effective tool for manually roasting up the freshest green coffee beans to your desired level of dark roastedness. Just grab some green coffee beans, place them inside this "Horoku" roaster and shake them around over the flames of your stove or campfire until they darken, then simply grind, and brew for a perfect cup.

It features a genuine leather-wrapped handle that's tubular for blowing off chafes during roasting and releasing the beans when finished, blue, yellow, red, green, or brown stitching, and super heatā€resistance ceramic that is hand-crafted in a small old factory using one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. It's also great for roasting tea leaves, sesame seeds, and more. Check out this VIDEO to see a demonstration.

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