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Copper-Finished Artisan Coffee Urn

Copper-Finished Artisan Coffee Urn

Copper-Finished Artisan Coffee Urn

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No matter what kind of party you're hosting or what season it takes place in, there's bound to be plenty of coffee drinkers looking to fill their cups. Instead of putting out carafes of coffee or brewing it up in those massive, industrial-looking silver percolators, this cool new Copper-Finish Coffee Urn lets you serve it up in old world artisanal style. These stylish coffee urns are crafted from stainless steel and brass with an antique pounded copper finish, include a wrought-iron base with fuel holder and snuffer to keep the coffee warm, and come in either 25 or 50 cup sizes. As far as party coffee dispensers go, this one definitely has that wow factor. I think I want one just for myself to keep the coffee flowing here at my desk at the office.

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