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Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

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I always wanted to get a full size kegerator for my office home, but that's an awful lot of beer to consume, which I guess is a good problem to have. However I found something that is in between a simple case of beer and a full blown kegerator that should suit me just fine, the Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser. This cool mini kegerator holds all standard 5-Liter mini beer kegs, which are available in most grocery stores nowadays, and keeps them cool until you are ready to pull on the tapper and dispense a cold draft of beer right from your kitchen countertop. Why waste money at the bars, when you have all the beer you need right at home? A full-size kegerator is still tempting though!

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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
Just choose from the thousands of cocktail recipes on the smartphone app, customize it to your individual taste, press the button, and watch as the Barsys comes to life and expertly makes the drink in under 30 seconds.
Chrome Keg-Style Liquor Dispenser With Wooden Stand
This stylish key-style dispenser is made of stainless steel with a beautiful chrome finish and holds and dispenses up to 4 liters of your favorite poison or beverage. It rests securely atop a wooden stand with a dark cherry finish.
Skybar Chill Cubes
If you like to enjoy your best top shelf liquors on the rocks, don't dilute them with melting ice cubes, just use these cool new stainless steel ice cubes.
Levitating Cocktail Glass
Raise up your spirits, literally, with this cool new Levitating Cup.
Three Bottle Jagermeister Tap Machine
Chill up to 3 bottles of Jagermeister down to the ideal drinking temperature of zero and then dispense the coolest and smoothest shot with a pull of the handle.
Beerhandles - How Did We Ever Manage Before These?
Once you securely snap one of these innovative Beerhandles onto your 12 oz. can of beer or soda, you'll have a perfect mug-like grip and it should keep it colder for a longer period of time. They come in various colors like red, blue, gold and silver and are perfect for tailgating, parties, picnics, neighborhood garage standing around and more.
Bat Ice Bucket
This antique-silver ice bucket has a spooky vampire bat guarding the ice inside, because that's usually what bats do at parties.
Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
This unique beer foam skimming bartender's tool features a polished stainless steel blade that precisely lops off a foamy head at the optimal angle as it smoothly slides over the top of the glass.
Quench Cocktail Spinner
Just pour your ingredients into this unique transparent shaker, give the built-in pump a few pushes to spin and mix them into a swirling vortex of tasty booze, pour the drink, and give high fives all around.

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Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
This gravity fed, rotating bar caddy holds up to four bottles of your favorite spirit attached upside down to spring-loaded spouts that illuminate when pressed up on to dispense perfect 1.5 oz shots.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
If you're not too thrilled with putting out the infamous box of wine at your next gathering, then disguise it in this cool new Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispensers.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
This spooky skull-shaped plastic drink dispenser has a spigot where its nose should be and a pre-sawed removable cranium lid for filling up its generous two gallon capacity.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
Perfect for dispensing soaps or lotions in your bathroom or outhouse and can even be used with BBQ sauce and more at your next cookout.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
This massive 2 gallon high quality glass mason jar beverage dispenser has a traditional tin screw off lid and is fitted with an easy pour spigot.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
This whimsical little cast iron giraffe statue has a long neck that's perfect for storing an extra couple of rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom or a roll of paper towels in the kitchen.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
It not only delivers cold, filtered water as a traditional wall-mounted water fountain, it also has a convenient built-in reusable water bottle filler to help minimize the use of disposable plastic bottles as well.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
A liquor dispensing robot sculpture handcrafted from recycled / reclaimed scrap metal, wrenches, and valves.
Avanti Mini Pub - Countertop Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
A rustic, wall-mounted alcohol dispenser made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel head that holds and dispenses from two liquor bottles of your choice and can be personalized with a name and date.

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