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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery

WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery

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I love wine and I've always been curious to try my hand at wine-making on the side as a hobby. Most wine-making at home kits are complicated and too much of a hassle to enjoy a fine glass of red, that is until I found the WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery.

The WinePod is a completely automated and self-contained home winery that monitors and controls the entire wine-making process. Shaped almost like a wine glass itself, the sleek 4-foot tall brushed stainless steel chamber with white oak accents has the technology inside to cold soak, press, ferment and age up to four cases of wine right in your very own home, with no experience required. At the same time, it is also wirelessly communicating with your PC to the included wine-making software that uses the data to offer professional recommendations and techniques. You can also join the WinePod Community online where you can customize your dashboard to monitor and share your results, upload videos, order grapes, get labels and simply share and engage with other winemakers. Check out the video demo below.

The WinePod is truly is the ultimate gift for a wine-lover and for anyone out there looking to buy me a gift, ahem, I'll take one of these.

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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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WinePod - Automatic Self-Contained Home Winery
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