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String Cheese Making Kit

String Cheese Making Kit

String Cheese Making Kit

Want to learn the fine art of string cheese making? Looking for a fun kitchen project to do with the kids? Want to enjoy healthier homemade string cheese? Then check out this cool new String Cheese Making Kit. This fun culinary kit includes everything you need, minus 1 gallon of your favorite kind of milk, to make long ropes of mild, firm, mozzarella-like string cheese in about an hour. Just follow the step-by-step instructions using the included all-natural cheese-making ingredients to produce the string cheese rope that can be cut into sticks or shaped into knots, braids, balls, or wheels. It even includes sun-dried tomatoes and dried oregano for making pizza-flavored string cheese as well. Sure you could go down to the store and buy some mass produced string cheese, but this is at least more fun.

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  • Create a long rope of delicious, all-natural string cheese in less than an hour
  • Mild, firm, mozzarella-like cheese is perfect for pizzas, quesadillas and tacos and for wholesome, kid-friendly snacks
  • Cut it into sticks or have fun shaping knots, braids, balls or wheels
  • A great kitchen project to share with the family
  • Uses 1 gallon per batch of whatever milk you prefer - whole or low-fat, conventional or organic
  • All-natural ingredients; contains no preservatives or chemicals
  • Step-by-step instructions guide you through the cheese-making process
  • Includes sun-dried tomatoes and dried oregano to make pizza-flavored string cheese
  • Kit includes: .02 oz. vegetarian rennet. 3.7 oz. citric acid. 3.7 oz. cheese salt. 3 oz. oregano. .8 oz. sun-dried tomato bits. Cooking thermometer. Fine cheesecloth. Instruction/recipe book
  • Recipes included
  • Made in USA

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