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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes

Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes

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I feel bad for pumpkins. Every Halloween, endless human monsters descend into the pumpkin patches to pluck them away from their families, scalp off their stems, brutally scoop out their slimy and seedy guts, carve in grotesque faces on their bodies, shove flaming candles into their jagged mouths, and then they are left to slowly rot to death on a front porch or get smashed into a gory orange pulp on the sidewalks. Well, if you are feeling merciful this Halloween or just lazy, spare these poor innocent orange gourds and light these cool new Jack O' Lantern Hurricanes instead. These cylindrical terra cotta hurricanes are shaped like freshly carved pumpkins with traditional jack o’ lantern faces. Just light a candle inside, enjoy the frightful glow all season, and then reuse year after year... no senseless pumpkin murder necessary. Available in small or large.

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Hand-Woven Cornhusk Miniature Pumpkins Wreath
Wreath made up of nearly 50 miniature faux pumpkins that are hand-woven by artisans from dyed natural cornhusks and arranged in a decorative circular bounty.
Mr. Halloween Animated Frankenstein Climber
This whimsical yet possibly terrifying animated Halloween decoration has a little Frankenstein endlessly climbing up and down a purple ladder to spooky tunes.
Mr. Potato Head Inflatable Costume
Instantly transform yourself into the sarcastic spud with interchangeable body parts from the Toy Story movies and the classic toy from yesteryear.
Giant 8 Foot Tall Illuminated Ghost Stakes
This Halloween, if your home needs a few more ethereal apparitions wearing bedsheets to haunt the front lawn, then unleash these 8 Ft Illuminated Ghost Stakes.
Dr. Karlosi's Atomic Brain Think Tank
A crazy bubbling mad scientist brain jar straight out of an old 1950's horror movie. You could use this crazy thing in your office as a soothing stress reducer as the bubbles gently rise to keep the realistic brain afloat, as a cool Halloween mad scientist prop or maybe you have kids who need a really good red glowing nightlight from hell. What will you do with your new extra brain?
Grasping Ghoul Haunted Hands
Just stake down the two spooky zombie / ghoul hands into your yard, place the included floodlight behind them, and gasp in terror as gigantic enlarged shadows of them now cover the exterior of your home surrounded by an eerie ghostly green glow.
Pumpkin Bakers
This Fall, cook up and serve individual portions of pumpkin soup or your favorite seasonal recipes in these festive Pumpkin Bakers.
Freddy Krueger Pet Costume
This terrifying dog costume transforms them into Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, complete with a sweater, hat, and bladed glove. I'm sure you could get one sized for a cat, who are actually more Freddy like, but their four sets of razor claws might make you change your mind.
Life-Size Wrapped Mummy Statues
While these mummies may look like they're made from real ancient Egyptian bodies wrapped up in bandages, they're actually crafted from sturdy foam, metal, and wood and then tightly wrapped with real fabric from head to toe.

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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
This 100% soy wax candle releases the wondrous scent of freshly brewed coffee throughout your home, office, or anywhere you don't happen to have an actual pot of coffee brewing.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
There's no need to fear this eight tentacled octopus candelabra, because it's too busy holding up candles to illuminate dark and murky dining rooms.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
These stylish outdoor torches are made from specially cut Italian wine bottles that act as hurricane covers for the candles inside!
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
These unique volcanic candle holders are crafted from solid pine wood with a conical shape and a colorful lava flow design at the peak where a protective glass cup sits in the vent to hold a flickering candle or tea light.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
These spooky spinal column candleholders are designed to work with a tea light placed on the top vertebra, but you can also perform the Lumos spell in a pinch.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
It may look like one of those normal scented candles in a glass jar, but upon closer inspection has a lovely picture of a dog heaving and a label describing the scent as Dog Vomit.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
This macabre tombstone-shaped candle consolidates all of those depressing birthday candles into one single happier candle that celebrates your descent over the hill and inevitable rapidly approaching demise.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
It sprays non-flammable nitrogen to gently blow out candles on a cake without all the germs and helps those with way too many candles on their cakes as well.
Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
Inspired by the classic swing arm Anglepoise desk lamp, this fully adjustable, articulated candle holder replaces the light bulb with a socket that holds a taper candle instead.

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