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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes

Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes

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I feel bad for pumpkins. Every Halloween, endless human monsters descend into the pumpkin patches to pluck them away from their families, scalp off their stems, brutally scoop out their slimy and seedy guts, carve in grotesque faces on their bodies, shove flaming candles into their jagged mouths, and then they are left to slowly rot to death on a front porch or get smashed into a gory orange pulp on the sidewalks. Well, if you are feeling merciful this Halloween or just lazy, spare these poor innocent orange gourds and light these cool new Jack O' Lantern Hurricanes instead. These cylindrical terra cotta hurricanes are shaped like freshly carved pumpkins with traditional jack o’ lantern faces. Just light a candle inside, enjoy the frightful glow all season, and then reuse year after year... no senseless pumpkin murder necessary. Available in small or large.

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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
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Jack O' Lantern Terra Cotta Hurricanes
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