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Creepy Bleeding Hand Candles

Creepy Bleeding Hand Candles

Creepy Bleeding Hand Candles

This Halloween, would you rather illuminate your haunted house with a boring old regular candle or one that bleeds? This cool new Creepy Bleeding Hand Candle is just that, a realistic life-sized hand candle with wicks on each fingertip that burn down and melt the fleshy wax to reveal an eerie metal skeleton beneath... and it bleeds! Perfect for a little disturbing Halloween illumination, a decorative centerpiece on a cannibal's dining room table, power outages during a zombie apocalypse, or you're just one of those people with macabre stuff like this around the house all year long.

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  • Realistic life-sized hand candles with fingers that bleed as the candle burns
  • Bleeding fingers leave a creepy metal skeleton hand behind
  • Handmade

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