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OREO Cookie Scented Candle

OREO Cookie Scented Candle

OREO Cookie Scented Candle

If the White Castle Slider Scented Candle didn't quite satisfy your hunger, then maybe a snack scent is more to your liking, like this cool new OREO Cookie Scented Candle. Yep, the wonderful scent of OREO cookies, those tasty little sandwich cookies with sweet cream filling in between two chocolate wafers, has been captured and put into a fun candle. Now your home or office can smell like an OREO cookie factory any time you wish. Just don't dunk the candle in a glass of cold milk!

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  • Get a whiff of Milk's Favorite Cookie!
  • If you've ever wanted to trick your guests into thinking they just stumbled onto a tour of the Oreo factory, this deliciously-scented Oreo candle is exactly what you need!
  • Pairs nicely with a few sleeves of Oreos for that full 360 experience

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